Direct targeted messages over the messaging channel your customers choose. Simply Engage more with campaigns delivered to message apps, email, SMS or social networks automatically.

A Simple Solution For Targeted Messaging

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Reach More People

Increase engagement by allowing recipients to manage how your messages are delivered.

When you send messages via Meebler the receiver can chose their contact point, from mobile messaging apps, email addresses and SMS to social network accounts, your messages will be delivered and read.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs with a cloud based infrastructure and message delivery architecture.

A single campaign can deliver formatted, branded messages over multiple channels to the message clients your customers are already using. Your entire marketing team working together more effectively in collaboration.

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Stronger Data Protection Management

As data protection regulations globally become stricter and the penalties more punitive Meebler makes compliance simpler.

By allowing users to take control of their private details and manage their own opt in preferences Meebler eases the burden and reduces the risk.

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Features That Empower

Meebler provides the tools and features that enable your business to Simply Engage More

atom Channel Agnostic

Messages formatted and delivered over any messaging channel to any device, future proofed against consumer messaging trends.

cloud Cloud Service

No infrastructure costs, global reach with quick, simple implementation. Team collaboration from any location.

directory Business Directory

Promote your brand to a global audience. Extend your reach and engage new customers with a free listing in the Meebler business directory.

checklist List Management

Full suite of list management tools including easy importing and editing of data, multiple lists, segmentation and integration with other systems.

barchart Campaign Manager

Complete campaign management with full scheduling, analytics and reporting features.

art Branding

Full branding features ensures a consistent, professional presentation of your business in all messages, directory listings and consumer registration pages.

chat-bubble Customer Acquisition

Reduce your customer acquisition and data administration overheads with built in customer registration pages and self-management of contact details plus free business directory listing to engage new customers.

lock Data Protection

Permission is Power, by allowing customers to manage opt-in, contact details and message delivery options you simplify your data compliance obligations

globe Digital Ethics

Promote a customer centric partnership, allowing access and responsibility for contact details to the customer. Increase your response rates and opt-ins by allowing the customer to “Simply Engage”.